The Countries Who Accepted Armenian Allegations

Yazan  09 Mayıs 2014

20 countries + 41 U.S. States

Each of the country's agenda on April 24, is taken prisoner by the Armenian allegations.

“Also added an accepted country to…”the news is made. In the same period, in many locations around the world “Armenian Genocide Lie Last and our diplomats martyrs memorial” although the meeting has done, they are not prioritized for organized by the Armenian lobby has shown up the suggestion with the belief that all people of the world brougth the genocide to the streets. All the contries of the world except Turkey has accepted the genocide perception is trying to spread all around the world.However  only 20 of UN's 192 members has accepted the events of 1915 in their parliament as a genocide. Also according to the Court's December 17, 2013 resolution parliament decisions are political and not binding. 

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